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About Us.

The meat market was opened in 2006 by Miguel and Lilia Molina. 

Miguel and Lilia Molina came to the United States wanting to achieve the American dream. They have been able to help their kids go to college and see them grow up with many opportunities. 

The family makes many products in the store. 

Our Story

Serving the Esparto community since 2006

Before the meat market the Molina Family ran a water store at the same location they are now. 

A Few Words About Us

Miguel and Lilia Molina immigrated to the U.S in the late 1980s. They moved the Madison in 1995

Miguel and Lilia Molina has no experience running a business. They decided to open a grocery store with no experience. They had a dream of opening their own business. With some hard work and community support, they have been able to live the American dream. 

Our Food

Our mom always made home cooked meals every night when we were kids. So naturally in our family business, we strive to make every thing fresh just like mom used to. 

Meat the Family

Meet the Molina kids

There are four kids, Miguel Jr being the oldest, Jacqueline, Briana and Naomi. 

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