Esparto, Ca


We are a small meat market located in the beautiful Capay Valley. The business is now being  run by the second generation Molina Family. 

Meat Market

Our Delicious Story

The meat market was opened in 2006 when Miguel and Lilia Molina decided to open a store in Esparto. With no experience in running a grocery store and the help of their four kids, they are living the American dream. 

Come into the store and you will still see their kids working the meat department or cash register.

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Home made entrees

Just like mom used to make

All of our entrees are made in house and fresh

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Chicken Fajitas

 This is our most popular  and is a easy dinner everyone will love at home!

Try our fabulous Quessa Birrias

This shredded beef is famous for being served with an amazing consome

Beef Short Ribs

Also known as Korean style short ribs, these 4 bone beef ribs will be amazing on the grill. 

USDA Angus Choice Rib Eyes

Enjoy one of best steaks known for the grill. These rib eye steaks will be star of party. 

Chicken Fajitas

This is our most popular entree. Once you try this you will wonder how you didn’t try ti sooner. 

This recipe hasn’t changed since mom and dad introduced it to the community in 2006.

Bacon really does make everything better

Our bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers are sure to make everyone want to want more. You can grill them, cook them in the oven or even the air fryer. We have been told they are fabulous no matter how you cook them.